Your Reliable Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturer

Lead-acid battery manufacturing plants based in different countries allow for faster delivery and lower tariffs.

We make all components, including housing, positive & negative electrode plates, and control the quality strictly to ensure that we produce premium lead-acid batteries.

BLJ is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can produce OPzV acid-free solid-state batteries.

Why Work with BLJ

  • Experienced OEM Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturer

Backed by 20+ years of experience, BLJ understand all your needs and can manufacture lead-acid batteries that match the functionality and price of different OEM projects, including customizing positive and negative electrode plates/partitions/electrolytes/terminal structures, etc.

  • In-House Production, from Electrolyte Solution to Components

As one of the leading lead-acid battery manufacturers, BLJ produces every battery component and manages every production process independently in its own factory, to quickly and accurately meet every project needs.

  • Excellent Electrolyte Formula

BLJ’s R&D team has tested and mixed over 20 different materials for the electrolyte and finally developed the most scientific electrolyte formula to deliver efficient and long-lasting lead-acid batteries.

  • OPzV Acid-free Solid-state Battery Manufacturer

Besides traditional lead-acid batteries, BLJ can also produce OPzV acid-free solid-state batteries that feature safer, more eco-friendly, more cost-effective, and 100% recyclable.

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Featured Lead-Acid Batteries at BLJ

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Low Self-Discharge Rate


We use advanced electrolyte technology for batteries with low internal resistance, retaining 50% capacity after 12 months at room temperature.

Longer Service Life


Our lead-acid batteries exceed 500 cycles with proven electrolytes, well-designed structures, and positive/negative plates.

Safe and Reliable


BLJ AGM and gel lead-acid batteries provide stable, secure performance, approved for IATA air transport, with flexibility for upright or side storage.


Rugged and Vibration-resistant Construction


Our batteries resist shock, vibration, chemicals, and heat, with premium partition boards and cases.

Enhanced Temperature Resistance


ABS lead-acid batteries deliver stable performance in temperatures from 50°C to 70°C, avoiding thermo-runaway effects.

Maintenance-free Design


Sealed valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are safe, spill-proof, and require no water addition.

Application of Our Quality Lead-Acid Batteries

Expand your market reach with BLJ solar battery solutions and versatile lead-acid battery uses!

Network Power

  • Telecom battery
  • UPS lead-acid batteries
  • Energy storage system(ESS) battery
  • Consumer electronics batteries


  • Lead-acid car battery
  • Lead-acid motorcycle battery
  • Locomotive battery
  • AGM deep cycle marine battery



Motive Power

  • Electric car battery
  • Lead-acid electric tricycle battery
  • Ebike lead-acid battery
  • Lead-acid batteries for golf carts
  • Lead-acid forklift battery
  • RV lead-acid battery

Tailor-Made Lead-Acid Battery Design

Being a VRLA gel and AGM lead-acid battery manufacturer for more than 20 years, BLJ specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of lead-acid batteries which can meet any of the customer’s needs.

Provide us with the specifications you desire for the lead-acid batteries, and our expert designers, R&D specialists, and manufacturing teams will turn them into reality. From aesthetic additions like housing design to functional improvements like battery structure and electrolyte solution, expect no less than the best from BLJ.

Terminals with Different Structures and Quantities

Different Materials of Plates

Negative and Positive Plates of Different Materials

Ejectrode plates with Different Manufacturing Processes and shapes

Electrode Plates with Different Manufacturing Processes and Shapes

Partition Boards of pifferent waterials

Partition Boards of Different Materials

Traditional or Acid-free Solid Electrolytes

Battery capacities Sizes Colors

Battery Capacities, Sizes & Colors

Our C&I Energy Storage System

Safe, efficient, and smart energy storage systems that cater to reducing energy costs, maximizing solar system investment, enhancing energy security, reducing carbon footprint, and other commercial & industrial needs.

In addition, we implement rigorous quality testing between and after making the batteries, ensuring they perform as expected.

Ready to Power Up Your Solar Battery Business?

We are capable and confident to provide you with better solutions thanks to our successful experience working with lots of world-renowned companies.

About BLJ

Since the beginning, BLJ has been driven to be China’s leading flooded & sealed lead-acid battery manufacturer, specializing in energy-efficient and high-performance energy storage solutions. From a single lead-acid battery factory, we’ve expanded our operations to encompass several factories in Southeast Asia and America, expediting the production process for better and faster results.

Catering to OEM businesses, we’ve developed a seamless manufacturing and marketing experience that includes expert assistance, robust customization, and unparalleled solar products production.

Factory Tour

See How We Produce Lead-Acid Batteries

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to manufacture and test lead-acid batteries compliant with our clients’ requirements and featured with high performance.

01 Injection molding workshop
02 Coating with paste line
03 Pole plate curing and drying
04 Welding
05 Through wall welding
06 Seal the battery cover
07 Add acid
08 Formation
09 Testing and packaging
10 Packing

Boost Your Sales and Recognition with BLJ Today

Leave a strong impression on your customers, making them forever supporters with BLJ’s line of lead-acid batteries. With our well-managed production process, strict quality control, and expert customization capabilities, nothing’s stopping you from capturing a wider audience.


warehouse and factory


 Production  Capability

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