Pure lead acid cell battery vrla 12V 100Ah

Pure Lead-acid Battery container material is PC-ABS which has good temperature resistance and insulation. The discharge rate of battery is high.
We are strictly in detection procedure.

High-rate performance, high energy density.
Low internal resistance and self-discharge rate.


Model RLAB-PLH+C 100-12V100Ah
Battery Capacity 12V100Ah
Battery Type Telecom PL Lead-acid Battery
Charge voltage(25) Float: 13.62V

Equaliztion: 14.1V-14.4V

Max.Discharge Current 1250A
Terminal M8
Container Material PC-ABS flame retardant jar and cover to UL94 V-0
Operation Temperature -40~65
Net Weight(KG) 31.2
Size(mm) L314.5*W175*H213


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  • Charge controller testing

    To test charging efficiency, stability, overcharge/over-discharge protection, and other functions of the controller to ensure that it operates correctly.

  • Battery testing

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