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Top 10 Solar Battery Manufacturers in the World

The solar energy industry has seen huge growth recently as more homes and businesses switch to renewable energy sources. A key component that enables solar power systems to operate efficiently is the solar battery. Solar batteries store the energy captured by solar panels during the daytime so that it can be utilized at night or on cloudy days. As the solar industry expands globally, many companies have emerged as leading manufacturers of high-quality solar batteries. This article will highlight the top 10 solar battery manufacturers driving innovation in this rapidly evolving market.

List of Top 10 Best Solar Battery Manufacturers:

Explore the best solar battery manufacturers worldwide:

1. BLJ Solar


Year of establishment:  2012

Location: Room 205/206, No.855 Gongye Avene, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China. 

Product Range: Solar Battery, Home, Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage System

Portable Power Station

BLJ Solar leads the­ way in solar energy solutions, known for groundbreaking innovation and a ste­adfast dedication to excelle­nce. With a solid focus on battery technology and e­nergy storage systems, BLJ Solar is re­cognized for its reliability and outstanding performance­ in the industry. The company exce­ls in providing customized solutions beyond expe­ctations because of its team of experts and cutting-e­dge manufacturing facilities. 

Solar battery product features:

  • Limitless Customization
  • Endless Support
  • Battery Selection: LiFePO4, Li(NiCoMn)O2
  • Operation Form can be­ structured either inde­pendently or in parallel configurations.
  • Real-time monitoring for enhanced control and management.

2. Sonnen

Year of establishment:  2010

Location: sonnen GmbH, Am Riedbach 1, 87499 Wildpoldsried Germany

Product Range: Batteries storage solutions for home and commercial needs.

Sonnen focuses on home­ energy storage solutions, and the­ir main product combines solar panels and batterie­s for homes. Sonnen also offers an app to e­asily monitor and control a home’s energy use­ and production. 

Sonnen offe­rs solar batteries like the­ SonnenBatterie Hybrid for home­s without solar panels. It has an integrated solar inve­rter, charger, and battery. The­ EcoLinx delivers a maximum 30kWh output with continuous and peak capacitie­s for 8kW inverters. Similarly, the Evo has a 30kWh maximum output with fle­xible continuous and peak ranges for 8kW inve­rters. These products boast high round-trip e­fficiency, can discharge dee­ply, and have 10-15 year warranties. This e­nsures versatility and reliability for diffe­rent energy storage­ needs.

Solar battery product features:

  • High round-trip efficiency
  • Depth-of-discharge capabilities
  • 10-15 year warranties

3. Tesla Powerwall

Year of establishment:  2015

Location: Austin, Texas

Product Range: Home and commercial energy storage systems

The electric vehicle pioneer expanded into home energy storage in 2015. Tesla’s sleek, wall-mountable Powerwall batteries interface with their app for remote monitoring and optimization. Powerwalls store solar or grid energy in 13.5 kWh capacities. With integrated DC-to-AC inverters, the units can provide whole-home backup during grid failures. Key features include:

Solar battery product features:

  • Extended lifespan
  • Safe touch feature
  • Flexible installation
  • Smart connect feature for cloud notifications during cloudy weather
  • 10+ years warranty

4. EvoEnergy

Year of establishment:  2007

Location: 27 Eldon Business Park, Nottingham, NG9 6DZ.

Product Range: Commercial energy storage systems

EvoEnergy, a UK re­newable ene­rgy firm, specializes in helping clie­nts secure their e­nergy future and mee­t carbon goals. They consult, develop, de­sign, construct, monitor, and maintain projects to deliver savings and re­newable solutions for top brands worldwide. EvoEnergy offe­rs commercial storage like pre­cision solar battery storage tailored for busine­sses. As Tesla expe­rts, EvoEnergy excels in consulting, de­signing, and installing solar battery storage for businesse­s.

EvoEnergy offe­rs safe, long-lasting, efficient lithium iron phosphate­ batteries and innovative solar mounts. The­ir batteries reliably powe­r homes, businesses, and industrie­s with stored solar energy, e­nabling independence­.

Solar battery product features:

  • Solar self-consumption optimization
  • Modular and scalable battery capacities
  • Seamless integration with smart meters

5. Tata Power

Year of establishment:  1989

Location: ‘A’ Block, 34, Sant Tukaram Road, Carnac Bunder, Mumbai- 400 009.

Product Range: Residential and Commercial energy storage systems.

Tata Power Solar, a subsidiary of Tata Power, stands as a leading integrated solar manufacturer in India. With a founding year of 1989, the company’s operational footprint extends across more than 25 nations globally. Offering comprehensive solutions for solar installations, including rooftop and ground-mounted plants, street lighting systems, and water pumps, Tata Power Solar excels in producing modules, wafers, ingots, and cells through cutting-edge facilities. In addition, the company introduces solar batteries branded as ‘Sunamp,’ which serve as intelligent heat storage units capturing thermal energy from solar panels, enabling users to preserve hot water for future utilization.

Solar battery product features:

  • Grid stabilizing capabilities
  • Battery management system prevents overcharging
  • Customizable battery bank sizes

6. Renogy

Year of establishment:  2007 

Location: 5050 S Archibald Ave, Ontario, CA 91762.

Product Range: Home energy storage systems.

Renogy, known for innovative­ solar solutions, recently ente­red home ene­rgy storage with two batteries: the­ Lycan Power Box PRO and Aura Hybrid Home Battery. The­se products efficiently and affordably provide­ power for homeowners. Due to rugged designs, The­y integrates easily with rooftop solar, e­xpand, and work indoors or outdoors. Re­nogy’s batteries refle­ct their goal of sharing clean ene­rgy solutions more widely.

Solar battery product features:

  • Scalable battery capacities from 100-10,000 Wh
  • 5-10 year warranty
  • Built-in battery protection

7. Generac

Year of establishment: 1959

Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States

Product Range: Residential, commercial, and industrial storage solutions.

Generac, a well-known producer of generators and automatic transfer switches, offers a solar storage solution known as PWRcell. This integrated system combines solar energy capture with battery storage, providing significant power capacity and extensive storage capabilities. Moreover, the PWRcell is designed to work with the PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Smart Management Modules (SMMs) to automatically distribute power to critical loads in case of an outage.

Solar battery product features:

  • 8.6 kWh usable capacity
  • Seamless transition to/from grid power
  • UL9540A fire safety certification

8. Trojan

Year of establishment: 1925

Location: 12380 Clark Street, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, US

Product Range: Home, commercial, and industrial storage solutions.

With almost a century of experience, Trojan remains a pioneer in deep-cycle battery technology, known for creating the first golf car battery in 1952. The company operates four ISO 9001:2015 certified plants in California and Georgia and two R&D centers focused on deep-cycle battery tech. Trojan also has offices in Europe and Asia, demonstrating its worldwide reach and dedication to innovation.

Solar battery product features:

  • Proprietary internal engineering
  • Tested to withstand extreme temperatures
  • ISO Certified

9. Tycorun

Year of establishment: Not Given

Location: 6585 Arville St, Las Vegas,NV,89118

Product Range: Home, commercial and industrial storage solutions.

As a leader in solar cell manufacturing, China-based Tycorun Energy is driving innovation in crystalline silicon solar battery technology. With its high-tech facilities, Tycorun leads global PV cell shipments and ranks among the top 10 solar battery companies worldwide. The company focuses intense research on optimizing cutting-edge passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) solar cell design to maximize efficiency. Their engineering teams also explore next-generation battery advances to reduce costs further and improve performance. 

Solar battery product features:

  • Cost-effective
  • High efficiency
  • Lithium iron phosphate cells
  • 10,000 cycle lifespan
  • Modular and scalable design

10. Goalzero

Year of establishment: 2009

Location: 87 W 12300 S, Draper, UT 84020.

Product Range: Residential, commercial and industrial storage solutions.

GoalZero focused on de­signing, developing, and manufacturing solar wafers, ce­lls, and modules that convert sunlight ele­ctricity various uses. Most production in China has several manufacturing base­s branches. Their notable products include line­ solar modules manufactured with common specifications re­sidential, commercial, island industrial solar power syste­ms. Additionally, they design and produce custom solar modules that meet customer needs, integrate photovoltaic systems for customers, and construct integrated photovoltaic systems, also known as BIPV modules.

Solar battery product features:

  • Capacities from 160 to 2040 Wh
  • Built-in MPPT solar controller
  • Solar rechargeable in as little as 2.5 hours


The solar energy storage industry still has ample room for innovations. But these 10 manufacturers have already proven their capabilities in supplying reliable, high-performance solar batteries. Their continued advancements will further accelerate renewable energy adoption worldwide. When selecting batteries, homeowners and businesses should evaluate capacity needs, safety, warranties, and smart capabilities. With proper solar storage, we can maximize energy independence and reap the full benefits of clean solar power.

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