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BLJ Solar, is a leading manufacturer in developing, producing, and marketing premium solar products, providing integrated energy storage solutions. Our solar batteries, portable power stations, home, commercial and industrial ESSs are designed to meet your clients’ energy needs. Partner with us to benefit from our advanced battery storage technology.

Our Collections of Wholesale Solar Products

Whether your customers are looking for more outdoor enjoyment,  required by outdoor work conditions, or backup for emergency occasions, BLJ solar offers energy storage products of different capacities to ensure their peace of mind and an uninterrupted power supply even off the grid.

Portable Power Station

Battery Cell: LiFePo4, Lithium-ion

Capacity Range: 300W — 2515W

Certificates: UN38.3 MSDS / IEC62619 / UL

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Solar Battery

Battery Types: Lithium-ion Battery, Lead Acid Battery

Capacity Range:1280WH — 5.12KWH

Certificates: CE / FCC / ROHS /UN38.3 / MSDS / UL / CB / BIS / PSE

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Household Storage Energy

Battery Cell: LiFePo4, Lithium-ion

ESS Types: All-in-one ESS, Stackable Modular ESS

Capacity Range:2.56KWH —10.24KWH

Certificates: UN38.3 MSDS / IEC62619 / TUV

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Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage

Battery Cell: Mono-Si, SunPower

Solar Panel Types:Standard, Foldable, Flexible

Capacity Range:28W—300W

Certificates: CE / RoHS / FCC / REACH

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Limitless Customization, Endless Support

At BLJ Solar, you will never feel limits on custom selections.

Backed by a smart mass manufacturing factory, outstanding technical strength, our well-managed supply network, and excellent engineers with rich experience, our solar product company is proud of its fulfilling thousands of custom projects and is confident to handle all kinds of custom needs even the most complicated challenges.

Custom For Your Business

Battery Selection

BLJ Solar offers different types of batteries, such as LiFePO4, and Li(NiCoMn)O2 to meet specific energy storage needs.

Storage Capacity

You are allowed to choose the appropriate energy storage capacity according to power needs and load conditions.

Operation Form

According to users actual needs, choose an independent or parallel pattern for the energy storage system.

Monitoring system

Extra functions for real-time monitoring of storage system can be added to the intelligent management system.

6 Steps Bring Your Ideas Into A Reality

We are a professional solar product company, capable of covering clients’ needs from solar product design to mass manufacturing.

01 Study Clients' Needs

BLJ Solar will make a specification draft that includes basic parameters and functions such as rated capacity, input and output voltage, charge and discharge efficiency, etc.

02 Product Concept Design

According to the requirement specification, we carry out preliminary conceptual design, including shape, circuit, battery selection, PCB layout design, bill of materials, etc.

03 Prototype Manufacturing

Based on the scientific design PCB layout and other details, BLJ Solar will arrange the prototype manufacturing of the first vision of the prototype.

04 Prototype Tests & Optimization

We will conduct tests to verify whether the prototype performs to meet the set specification and make adjustments and optimization upon the test results.

05 Small batch production

 Based on the optimized prototype, we will carry out small batch production, and system testing is carried out to ensure their stability and reliability.

06 Mass Production & Quality Control

Only the system test results meet our higher standard, we will arrange mass production, and employ 100%quality control on the whole process and every single product.

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About BLJ solar

We are a China-based supplier of reliable and high-performance solar products, specializing in battery technology and energy storage systems. Our high-performance products come in a variety of capacities, sizes, and specifications to meet the uninterrupted energy needs of outdoor entertainment, work, and emergencies.

The philosophy of driving green and low-carbon development has always driven us forward. Throughout the years, we have built a reputation for excellence, and have offered tailor-made products and solutions to hundreds of clients globally.

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Our R&D Strength, Your Technical Support

Technical support is our pride. BLJ Solar boasts a talented technical team of 50 experienced engineers, we develop, design, and manufacture our own PCBA and BMS, and complete the whole process from design, prototype manufacturing, testing, optimization, and adjustment internally, without relying on external suppliers. So we can also offer Pack Design as required by clients.

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Better Quality Out of Higher Standards

BLJ solar employs a strict quality management system to conduct higher standards to guarantee that from product design to mass production. So our portable power stations can offer high efficiency, stable performance, and longer life.

  • Charge controller testing

    To test charging efficiency, stability, overcharge/over-discharge protection, and other functions of the controller to ensure that it operates correctly.

  • Battery testing

    It involves tests of capacity, output voltage, cycle life, and other parameters of batteries to ensure that their quality meets the required standards.

  • Inverter testing

    This contains tests of conversion efficiency, output waveform purity, and other parameters to ensure that its performance meets the required specifications.

  • Overall performance testing

    It includes the output power, voltage, current, efficiency, and other parameters of the entire portable solar power generator to ensure that its overall performance meets the design requirements.

Why Choose BLJ solar

Excellent Expertise

With rich expertise and experience in battery cell selection, BLJ Solar can always offer suitable energy solutions at the most competitive prices while maintaining product performance.

Technical Support

Backed by our talented R&D team, we boast advanced BMS technology and outstanding strength in pack design, and performance tests.

Smart Manufacturing

Armed with automatic production lines, we can not only control your budget but also ensure the reliablity, safety and uniformity of all batteries.

All-around Services

No matter whether you have needs in products, technology, or customization services you will be accompanied by a professional team on a 24/7 service.

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