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As one of China’s most advanced state-of-the-art manufacturers of all types of solar panels, BLJ Solar has over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing most efficient solar panels. We provide different types of solar panels, including foldable solar panels, flexible solar panels, and standard solar panels. In addition to spot stock, we also offer custom solar panels to customers.

In the past 10+ years, BLJ Solar, as a solar panel company specializing in providing customers with green energy solutions, has successfully passed IATF16949, ISO9001 quality system certification, and our solar panels have been certified by UL, CE, CGC, FCC, PSE, METI, RoHs, UN38.3, MSDS, REACH, and have a number of technical patents.

If you are looking for a reliable solar panel supplier, you can rely on BLJ Solar. Buy solar panels in bulk from us and let us help you grow your business with our customizable and affordable products.

Different Types of Solar Panel

Raisysolar offers a full range of solar panels in stock that you can choose by type or solar panel wattage, or let us know your required specifications to benefit from our customization service.

Foldable Solar Panel

Our foldable solar panels employ ETFE durable filming technology to ensure long-term performance and Mono-Si battery cells to offer a high efficiency of 22%. Their solar panel wattage ranges from 28W to 200W, catering for both home and commercial use.

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Flexible Solar Panel

Our portable folding solar panel of 28W to 200W uses Mono-Si solar panel to offer conversion efficiency as high as 22%, compared with the market average of 20%, it will generate more kilowatt-hours of power in the usable area and has better performance.

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Mono Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panels are crafted from highly pure single-crystal silicon, ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency. Monocrystalline solar panels use pure single-crystal silicon, melted and crystallized into uniform wafers.

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In-house Manufacturing of Solar Panels

Though BLJ Solar manufactures and offers three different types of solar panels, the core and important manufacturing processes of all solar panels are similar as follows:

Solar Cell Selection

Every piece of solar cell has been carefully inspected and then will be precisely cut by an automatic laser cutting machine to pick out high-quality solar cells for assembly.

Solar Cells Welding

These precisely cut solar cells will be welded by advanced automated machines to maintain product consistency, improve efficiency, and ensure the high quality of our solar panels.

Semi-product Assembley

After the solar cells are serially welded by an automated machine, we utilize a jig for precise positioning, and assembly. And electrical testing of semi-finished products is conducted.


After solar cells are assembled and tested, we will laminate the multi-layers structure including the front panel, EVA, solar cells, and back sheet together to form a complete solar panel.


There will be some extra dead parts after the solar panel is laminated, so we need to trim around and remove it.

Optional Service

When the final solar panel is built, we also offer some optional services as clients required, such as wire welding before go ahead performance test.

Strict Quality Control of Solar Panels

Ensuring superior quality solar panels for your energy solutions is our constant pursuit. With rigorous quality control from raw material sourcing to final delivery, we guarantee 100% inspection of each panel. Our well-equipped laboratory conducts industry-standard and customized tests to meet your specifications. Our quality management includes:

  • Raw Material Inspection

    All incoming raw materials will be carefully inspected, including electrical performance inspection and classification of high-quality solar cells, cross-linking test of high-quality EVA, and durability test of backsheet, etc.

  • In-house Manufacturing Quality Control

    Complete performance test will be conducted throughout the whole manufacturing processes, including EL testing, electrical performance testing of semi-finished solar panels, electrical performance testing of finished solar panels, etc.

  • Finished Solar Panel Tests

    All solar panels are subject to final product testing to verify compliance with industry standards as well as customer specific requirements.

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Your Reliable OEM Solar Panel Factory

Your Reliable OEM
Solar Panel Factory

Flexible Customization

With our solar industry expertise and in-house R&D and manufacturing, we have the flexibility to customize solar panels and provide solutions for your solar projects

All-round Services

In-house R&D and manufacturing enables us to quickly respond to customer needs and provide technical support from the product development stage.

Superior Quality

In order to provide high-quality solar panels and meet the needs of highly customized solar solutions, we adopt strict quality control from material procurement, manufacturing process to final factory inspection.

Explore More about Our Capabilities

As an esteemed manufacturer of solar products, BLJ Solar has an abundance of insights and expertise to offer.

Technology has been the driving force behind our remarkable growth over the past decade, positioning us as a key player in the energy storage industry.

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From battery pack to energy storage system, our factory is able to fulfill the whole manufacturing with our own production lines, laboratories, workers, and technology.

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In-house Manufacturing >

Placing quality at the top, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to attention. With a focus on performance, our products serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality management.

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