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As one of the best lead acid battery factory and suppliers in China, BLJ Solar has over 10 years’ experience in lead acid battery production and R&D, offering valve-regulated sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery of high quality and excellent performance to grow your business.

What is Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid battery is also know as gel battery or deep cycle battery.The gel electrolyte without acid stratification makes the reaction of each part of the plate uniform and enhances the reliability of large battery capacity and service life. The sealed battery adopts a radial grid design and a compact structure to offer remarkable high-rate discharge performance.

High energy density, fully sealed structure, long service life, high reliability

Types of Lead Acid Batteries

Application of Our Quality Lead-Acid Batteries

Expand your market reach with BLJ solar battery solutions and versatile lead-acid battery uses!

Network Power

  • Telecom battery
  • UPS lead-acid batteries
  • Energy storage system(ESS) battery
  • Consumer electronics batteries


  • Lead-acid car battery
  • Lead-acid motorcycle battery
  • Locomotive battery
  • AGM deep cycle marine battery



Motive Power

  • Electric car battery
  • Lead-acid electric tricycle battery
  • Ebike lead-acid battery
  • Lead-acid batteries for golf carts
  • Lead-acid forklift battery
  • RV lead-acid battery

Advantages of Lead Acid Battery by BLJ Solar

Small self-discharge


Long lasting, lifespan ≥8-10years

Good deep discharge recovery performance

Higher safety, no explosion issue

Maintenance-free,Lower operational cost

Maintenance-free and no need for rehydration

Adapt to a wide range of ambient temperatures

No free electrolyte, can be used at any angles

Small internal resistance, good high current discharging

Excellence Proven by Figures & Details

Charge type
Charge voltages
Supplementary Charging

Discharge Characteristics of Our Lead-acid batteries

Outperforming peers, BLJ Solar has optimized the discharging of our sealed lead acid rechargeable batteryat high currents as well as at low temperatures by developing its ‘s unique lead-acid battery structure and advanced battery formula.

Discharge curve of BLJ Solar lead-acid battery

Less Self-discharge of Our Lead-acid battery

Raidysolar’s sealed valve-regulated maintenance-free lead-acid batteries employ a multi-component alloy that is free of antimony in the grid manufacturing process. By utilizing top-notch, high-purity raw materials and maintaining a pristine production environment, our lead-acid batteries exhibit significantly reduced self-discharge, measuring only a quarter of what is typically observed in conventional lead-antimony alloys.

Longer Lifespan of Our Lead-acid battery

Lead acid battery cycle life

To optimize the lead acid battery’s cycle life, it is recommended to implement 100% deep discharge, limit charge current to 0.25C, voltage below 2.4-2.5V/cell, and charge capacity at 120% of the discharge. Extends life to 300+ cycles.

Lead acid battery float service life

For our lead-acid batteries, by maintaining the charging voltage within the range of 2.25-2.3V per piece and operating in an ambient temperature between 15-25°C, the battery can achieve a remarkable float charge life of 8-10 years.

Charging type of Our Lead-acid battery

The floating charging method commonly employs a constant voltage and current-limiting approach. When determining the appropriate constant voltage value, it is essential to consider two factors. Firstly, the voltage should ensure that the amount of electricity charged compensates for any capacity loss caused by self-discharge. Secondly, it should minimize the risk of battery overcharging and associated damage.

Charge curve of Raidysolar lead-acid battery

Lead Acid battery Charging Voltage

Float charging voltages of lead acid battery

At 25°C, the float charge voltage for lead-acid batteries is 2.3V/unit. Temperature deviations require float voltage correction using -3mv/°C/cell, adjusting voltage per degree Celsius change.

Cycle charging voltage of lead acid battery

For circulating lead-acid batteries, use constant voltage and current limiting charging. Limit current to 0.1-0.2CA. At 25°C, charge at 2.4V/cell, adjust voltage by 0.4mv/°C/cell for other temperatures. Use timing or automatic current limiting to prevent overcharging.

Charge curve of Raidysolar lead-acid battery

Supplementary Charging of Sealed Lead-acid battery

Voltages for lead acid battery supplementary charge

The sealed lead acid rechargeable battery will lose part of its capacity due to self-discharge during transportation and storage. Hence, the lead acid batteries should be recharged before putting into use when storing for a long period.

When the storage time is less than one year, the battery should be charged at a constant voltage of 2.25V/cell for 5 days.

If the storage time is 1~2 years, the battery should be charged under the condition of a constant voltage of 2.30V/cell for 5 days.

Relationship between the remaining capacity of the lead acid battery and its open circuit voltage.

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