All-in-One Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Solution

All-around pre-sales consultation, project follow-up, after-sales services, and technical support.

Safer, more efficient and smarter battery storage systems with a long-lasting lifespan of 20 years, C5 anti-corrosion and IP65 design.

Battery, BMS, PCS, air conditioning, fire protection and other functions are integrated in one energy storage system, easy to install and maintain.

Solutions of Energy Storage Systemes

Our C&I Energy Storage System

Safe, efficient, and smart energy storage systems that cater to reducing energy costs, maximizing solar system investment, enhancing energy security, reducing carbon footprint, and other commercial & industrial needs.

  • All-in-One Solution
  • High-Quality Battery
  • Efficient Output
  • Smart System
  • Liquid Cooling System
  • Low LCOE

Low LCOE within the 20-Year Life Cycle

By developing longer-life solar batteries and smarter BMS, we are proud to provide our clients with more cost-effective commercial and industrial energy storage systems to enhance energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

We are committed to creating safer, cleaner, more flexible, and more efficient energy storage products and solutions, and assisting the success of projects with a full range of services. See how we can help to reduce the cost per kWh.

  • 5-10% Reduction in Lifecycle Cost per kWh
  • 0 Parallel Loss, 20%+ Battery Capacity Expansion
  • Core Temperature Difference not Exceeding 7°, 30% Longer Lifespan
  • C5 Anti-corrosion, IP65 for a 20-year Lifespan Design
  • 2 Charge and 2 Discharge for Efficient Peak Shaving
  • Access to Third-party Data to Quickly React to the Changes of Electricity Prices

Guaranteed Safety & Reliability in Our DNA

Our engineering team develops leading techniques to make all priorities a reality, ensuring the safety and reliability of the commercial and industrial energy storage system. Our designs for ultimate energy storage security include the following:
Custom For Your Business

Energy Storage Cabinet Fire Protection

Temperature Detection in Advance

Battery Pack Fire Protection

Reliable Battery, Battery Pack Design, and Cell Health Alert

1.5 Hours Fire Resistance, Explosion Proof, and Isolation

Reserved Space for Water Firefighting Connections

Take a Look at Some of Our C&I ESS Cases

Back by our global project experiences, BLJ is your trusted partner to build up the most reliable solar commercial & industrial energy storage system to power your business.

ESS Solution in Guangzhou

Usage: Peak shaving, valley filling, backup, and dynamic capacity expansion

Capacity: 200kW/430kWh

ESS Solution in Shanghai

Usage: Peak shaving, valley filling, backup, and dynamic capacity expansion

Capacity: 100kW/233kWh

ESS Solution in Zhuhai

Usage: Peak shaving, valley filling, backup, and dynamic capacity expansion

Capacity: 200kW/516kWh

ESS Solution in Zhejiang

Usage: Off-grid energy storage, peak shaving, valley filling, backup

Capacity: 200kW/466kWh

How to Get Your Custom C&I ESS Solution

We guarantee the energy storage solution is designed to solve your commercial and industrial energy needs efficiently. The whole system must be built based on the scene, desired system specs, space occupation, and specific needs. You can also download and fill out the more detailed information so that we can send you a faster & more personalized price.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Preliminary Requirement

Tell us your needs, including but not limited to:

  • specifications and function, such as BMS, PCS, cooling system, etc.;
  • location and scenes;
  • volume and area limitations;
  • purpose of ESS use.

Preliminary Proposal

We will connect you to the right BLJ expert who can best serve all your commercial and industrial ESS needs. According to your inquiry and demands, we will send a preliminary proposal and you can confirm the details of the solution.

Site Survey

Our technical team will survey the location and collect all the necessary data for engineering an accurate energy storage system and make appropriate installation and maintenance plans.

Final Energy Storage Solution

We will adjust the preliminary proposal and you can confirm the final solution. According to the confirmed solution, we will carry out production, debugging, packaging, and transportation.

Installation & commissioning

We will prepare all the installation instructions, commissioning instructions and training materials. We also provide on-site services.

After-sales Service & Technical Support

Our technical team is on standby to help you track operations and support maintenance. Our team can also be on-site to provide technical support.

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Technology has been the driving force behind our remarkable growth over the past decade, positioning us as a key player in the energy storage industry.

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Our factory owns the most adavanced production lines and professional laboratories to fulfill in-house manfacturing of different types of solar energy storage products.

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