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With high working voltage, energy density, and long cycle life, our lithium batteries excel. They boast low self-discharge rates, no memory effect, and eco-friendly operation. Stepless expansion capability makes them ideal for large-scale energy storage applications. From grid connection to peak regulation, distributed power stations to emergency systems, our batteries offer versatile and promising solutions for a secure and sustainable energy future.

Featuring A-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries and a self-developed BMS, our lead-acid replacement batteries ensure over 10 years of reliable service life.

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Lead-acid Replacement Battery

a solar battery

Elevate Energy System with Lead-Acid Replacement Batteries.

Our cost-effective solution offers a low-maintenance alternative, with selectable voltage options of 12V and 24V to meet diverse power requirements. Featuring A-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries and a self-developed BMS, our batteries ensure over 10 years of reliable service life with multi-level safety protection. With seamless RS485/RS232/CAN communication and compatibility with various energy storage inverters, our solution provides stable and durable electrical energy storage and output.

Experience extended service life and enhanced energy density, optimizing the efficiency and reliability of your entire energy system.

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Quality-Driven Mass Manufaturing

Our factory employs a strict quality management system including EVT, DVT, and MP processes to guarantee that from product design to mass production, our batteries meet higher quality standards and provide a-grade energy efficiency.

Performance Test

EMC test

Insulation test

Temperature Test

Internal resistance detection

Voltage withstand test

Aging test

Vibration test

Power Up Your Energy Business With Our Solar Battery?

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More Benefits That You Can't Resist

Smart Manufacturing

Armed with automatic production lines, we can not only control your budget but also ensure the reliablity, safety and uniformity of all batteries.

All-around Services

No matter whether you have needs in products, technology, or customization services you will be accompanied by a professional team on a 24/7 service.

Peerless Technical Support

Backed by our talented R&D team, we boast advanced BMS technology and outstanding strength in pack design, structure design, electrical design, fluid simulation design, and performance tests.

Excellent Expertise

With rich expertise and experience in battery cell selection, BLJ Solar can always offer suitable energy solutions at the most competitive prices while maintaining battery performance.

Explore More about Our Capabilities

As an esteemed manufacturer of solar products, BLJ Solar has an abundance of insights and expertise to offer.

Technology has been the driving force behind our remarkable growth over the past decade, positioning us as a key player in the energy storage industry.

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From battery pack to energy storage system, our factory is able to fulfill the whole manufacturing with our own production lines, laboratories, workers, and technology.

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In-house Manufacturing >

Placing quality at the top, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to attention. With a focus on performance, our products serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality management.

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