Our Technology

Technology has been the driving force behind our remarkable growth over the past decade, positioning us as a key player in the energy storage industry. It serves as the cornerstone of our success, propelling us forward and enabling us to continually innovate and adapt to changing market demands.

Benefit from Our Technical Strength

Products Updating

Our advanced technology enables us to develop new solar products and refine existing products to meet clients’ needs.

Customization Support

We can not only redesign the present products but also build a new products or a system as your requirements.

Technical Services

Our technical team can also offer practical advices to help our clients to control budgets in new energy projects.

R&D Capability

01 Our Professional Technical Team

BLJ Solar boasts a highly skilled scientific research team comprising 40 engineers, the majority of whom graduated from renowned domestic and international universities. This accomplished team is primarily dedicated to advancing and implementing cutting-edge solar storage battery technology.

R&D Capability

02 The-State-of-The-Art Lab

With our constant investment of 5% of annual revenue in R&D, our laboratory has been equipped with over 30 types of state-of-the-art instruments, which enable us to conduct complete electrical performance experiments and tests at higher levels, helping our clients to pre-conduct the certificate test at a lower cost.

Our Key Technology to Enhance Your Business

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Fast Charging
Inverting Technology
Pack Design

Battery Management Technology

Our Battery Management System (BMS) utilizes a sophisticated network of sensors and chips to deliver real-time monitoring of each individual battery cell. By accurately reading the status data of every cell, analyzing charging and discharging patterns, and identifying any abnormalities, our BMS ensures that all batteries are always in top shape.

Fast Charging

Our self-developed smart charging technology can control the current, voltage, and other parameters during the charging process to avoid problems such as overcharging and over-discharge. We increase the charging speed to as much as 160w per second without compromising battery life.

PD fast charging

QC fast charging

Qi wireless fast charging

Inverting Technology

With advanced single and bidirectional inverter technology, Raidysolar realizes an output power of up to 3000W. With superior pure sine wave technology, we ensure stable output, good output waveform, and high inverter power.

Pack Design

With rich experience, our professional team always knows how to assemble and arrange the battery cells to provide the required voltage and capacity by taking the number of battery cells, connection method, layout, and external structure into consideration to achieve optimum performance, safety, and reliability of the battery pack.

Power capacity

Heat dissipation

Protection measures

connectors and management system

Professional Laboratories to Ensure Quality

At BLJ Solar, you will never feel limits on custom selections.

At BLJ Solar, we possess a diverse array of laboratories dedicated to conducting comprehensive testing procedures. These tests span from examining raw materials to scrutinizing the final product, all with the aim of guaranteeing the impeccable quality of each item we offer.

Electrical Performance Laboratory

Our laboratory can conduct a range of tests and measurements to evaluate the electrical characteristics and performance of our products in development, manufacturing, and quality control processes  to verify the reliability, safety, and efficiency of our solar products.

Safety Testing Laboratory

At the safety testing laboratory, tests are conducted to ensure solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other components meet the highest safety standards to safeguard the users, installations, and the environment, promoting the safe and reliable solar energy solutions.

Mechanics Laboratory

In varying environments (temperature, medium, humidity) and under diverse external loads (tension, compression, bending, torsion, impact, alternating stress, etc.), the product demonstrates relevant characteristics to ensure exceptional quality.

Environmental Adaptability Laboratory

We employ a range of environmental test equipment to simulate diverse conditions, including high and low temperatures, as well as high humidity and temperature fluctuations, to thoroughly evaluate the performance of our products.

Explore More about Our Capabilities

As an esteemed manufacturer of solar products, BLJ Solar has an abundance of insights and expertise to offer.

Our factory owns the most adavanced production lines and professional laboratories to fulfill in-house manfacturing of different types of solar energy storage products.

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From battery pack to energy storage system, our factory is able to fulfill the whole manufacturing with our own production lines, laboratories, workers, and technology.

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Placing quality at the top, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to attention. With a focus on performance, our products serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality management.

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