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Our factory owns the most advanced production lines and professional laboratories to fulfill in-house manufacturing of different types of solar energy storage products independently.

Exploring Our Factory's Capabilities

Our factory has been certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001. Our products comply with CQC, IEC, UN38.3, CE, CB, ROHS, MSDS, SDS, KC, and REACH standards.

By employing an advanced MES production execution system, we realize precise management, from incoming parts to finished product shipments. With a comprehensive testing center, we can conduct comprehensive tests, such as safety, environmental, and electrical performance tests for superior product quality. We also support integrated solutions for your solar product business by working with industry veterans.

Our Capabilities in Figures

The figures is the fact to show our competitiveness in all aspects.


Monthly capacity


Warehouse and factory


Skilled Staff


Production Lines


Aging Test Points


Professional Engineers

01 Laser Welding Production Line

We can realize high-precision welding of cell connection, wire connection, and battery box packaging, while providing more uniform welding quality and current conduction performance.

Through laser welding, high-strength, reliable sealing welds can be achieved to prevent leakage of electrolyte inside the battery pack or intrusion of foreign substances.

It can improve efficiency and quality, and ensure that the battery pack has good connection and reliability during use.

02 Battery Pack Productin line

with 4 energy storage PACK lines and 4 power PACK lines, we can assembly the battery packs according to design requirements, including connecting battery cells to form batteries in series or parallel, installing BMS and other auxiliary equipment, connecting wires and connectors, and installing casings and protective devices.

03 Battery Aging Workshop

In our well-equipped battery aging test workshop, battery aging tests can be carried out under different conditions, such as high & low temperatures, rapid charge & discharge, etc. By simulating different working environments and usage conditions, the performance and attenuation of batteries can be evaluated.

We have enough aging equipmen to perform aging tests on 1,500 sets of batteries at the same time, and can realize full inspection and 3 times aging test of each battery pack before shipment.

04 Collection Line Workshop

collecting wires are key components connecting battery cells or battery packs inside energy storage devices for collecting, transmitting, and distributing current.

The main task of the collection line workshop is to manufacture and assemble high-quality collection lines to ensure the normal operation and performance of energy storage equipment.

05 Finished Product Testing Workshop

Our test workshop comprises five state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to conducting comprehensive tests and experiments, meticulously evaluating the electrical performance, safety, reliability, mechanical characteristics, and environmental adaptability of all our products.

In addition to functional inspections, we prioritize thorough assessments of product appearance, ensuring that our stringent quality standards extend to the visual presentation of our offerings.

The State-of-Art Equipments

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As an esteemed manufacturer of solar products, BLJ Solar has an abundance of insights and expertise to offer.

Technology has been the driving force behind our remarkable growth over the past decade, positioning us as a key player in the energy storage industry.

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From battery pack to energy storage system, our factory is able to fulfill the whole manufacturing with our own production lines, laboratories, workers, and technology.

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Placing quality at the top, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to attention. With a focus on performance, our products serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality management.

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